Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sharing data across multiple devices with Pushbullet

Have you ever been RDP’ing into your home computer at work and found a webpage or picture you liked but would prefer to have it on your phone in order to send via SMS? How about a quick and easy way to get a song from your computer to your mobile without all the hassle of looking for a cord or transferring it via Dropbox?

Pushbullet is a great app that pushes things to other devices. Not only can it send links, pics and files, it can aslo, with the addition of a Chrome extension, push notifications to your browser. No need to check your phone whenever it beeps, a small notification window will pop up in Chrome that you can click on, or dismiss. Clearing the notification in Chrome will also clear it from your phone.

1. Install the app
2. Install the extension
3. Sign in with your Google account on both
4. Start pushing stuff

Say you’re browsing Reddit one day and come across an image you’d like to use as the background on your phone. On the image, right click, select “push” and select which device to send it to.

Bam! Like magic.

From Chrome, you can send pages, links files and messages to your other devices. Just click the Pushbullet button.

You can also send things from their site. Just sign in with you Google creds.

Pushbullet is a quick and easy way to send items from device to device without all the fuss of wires and file transfers. Have fun pushing!

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